Tagrisso visar median överlevnad över 3 år vid NSCLC

Results from FLAURA presented at ESMO

Dr. Suresh Ramalingam presented the final overall survival results from the FLAURA study in the presidential symposium at ESMO (Barcelona).

  • The FLAURA study demonstrated a statistically significant and clinically meaningful benefit in overall survival with osimertinib versus comparator EGFR-TKIs.
  • Median overall survival for the osimertinib arm was extended by 6.8 months compared with the comparator EGFR-TKI arm (38.6 vs 31.8 months, respectively).
  • Three times as many patients continued to use study treatment in the osimertinib arm (28%) versus the comparator EGFR-TKI arm (9%) at 36 months.
  • Osimertinib presented a favourable and consistent toxicity profile, despite almost double the exposure time.
  • The final OS analysis of FLAURA reinforces osimertinib as the standard of care for first-line treatment of patients with EGFRm advanced NSCLC



In the following discussion by Dr. Pasi Jänne, it was underlined that:

  • The FLAURA study is the first head-to-head TKI phase III trial to show statistically-significant OS improvement – not only in lung cancer, but in all tumor types.
  • “We should be done with single agent EGFR-TKI comparisons now and use osimertinib as the benchmark for novel combinations and treatment approaches” and we
  • “should dissuade EGFR-TKI sequencing”


After 10 years of clinical development, these impressive OS data marks a new milestone for Tagrisso and sets the scene for future development to improve the outcomes for patients with EGFRm NSCLC.


A press release, including the high-level results, has been send out from AstraZeneca in relation to the ESMO presentation.